Jul 10, 2018 3:00:01 PM

Desktop programs

This page list all my web related projects. Most of them are open-source so don't hesitate to check the source code !

Active and/or maintained projects

Those websites are maintained and updated frequently. They are really safe to use, I swear !

Algogo Website

This is the home of the different versions of Algogo. This website is also available in english.

Algogo Website

Link : https://www.algogo.xyz
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/Algogo/tree/gh-pages


Bacomathiques is a website that allows you to work for your math exams.


Lessons index

Example chapter

Link : https://bacomathiqu.es
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/Bacomathiques

Skyost's Blog

This is my personal blog.

Link : https://blog.skyost.eu
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/Skyost-Blog

Skyost's Projects

This is the website you're seeing, built with SkyDocs (see my Desktop programs).


My personal website, for those interested about me. This website is also available in english.

About me

Link : https://www.skyost.eu

Inactive, deprecated or abandonned projects

Those websites are deprecated. Some of them still work, but if you still want an update, don't hesitate to contact me !


Just a website made for a twitter account (EspritPSG).

Link : https://paris-saint-germa.in
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/EspritPSG

Is France still ahead of Russia

A simple website that used to check if France is still ahead of Russia according to the Bert Kassies ranking.

Link : http://skyost.github.io/isfrancestillaheadofrussia/
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/isfrancestillaheadofrussia


A simple project manager written in PHP which does not require MySQL.

Link : https://skyost.github.io/Projectpot/
Source : https://github.com/Skyost/ProjectPot